Onvanti Sensor Tap for Commercial or Public Bathrooms Mains or Battery Operated Freshwater SF1107

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AS1428.1 DDA Compliant

Hand washing is becoming increasingly important with a focus on minimising infection and disease.

Amongst other benefits, a sensor tap allows a person to wash their hands without getting them dirty again (there is no need to touch the tap).

Reliability and Testing

We know product reliability is paramount!

Onvanti Products have been successfully tested to exceed the highest durability rating. We have factory-tested up to 200,000 cycles and up to 50,000 cycles up to 80 degrees Celcius (hot water) in independent labs.

Cycle testing is effectively a robot arm that constantly triggers and disengages the sensor and solenoid valve to ensure the flow of water and the normal operation of the tap.

What's Included? The kit includes a sensor tap + control box + power cable + flexi hoses for a standard installation. The tap can be powered via AC power (plug into the wall = recommended method) or with 4x standard AA batteries (which will last 1-2 years)   

Mixed/lukewarm water can be achieved with the addition of a tempering or thermostatic valve - Please see here



5 years parts/replacement + 12 months Labour (within Australia)

Benefits of Sensor Taps

Sensor taps (otherwise known as automatic taps, touch-free taps etc):

1) Are more hygienic and encourage hand washing 

A touch-free tap allows the person to not have to get their hands dirty again after washing them. Additionally (both anecdotally and by surveys) most  people feel that a touch-free handwashing experience (e.g. Touch-free taps) would encourage more/better handwashing

2) Save water

Because they only run when a hand or object is placed within sensor range - Note: our sensors also have an auto shut-off timer after 1 minute

3) Save on energy and power bills (due to efficient flow rates, water temperature fixed behind an access panel and not being able to leave the tap running all result in less hot water will be required/used)