A Bit About Us

Our Story

Onvanti was born during the 2017 droughts in NSW (and the eastern states of Australia). At the time our priority was saving water. Our primary thinking was that a tap should not be left running unattended in a public or commercial bathroom. Additionally, we love that the use of sensor taps promotes hygiene and convenience (easier hand washing).

 Our market research has identified the following:

  • Architects and Designers prioritise ergonomics and accessibility (when it comes to commercial and public bathroom design).
  • Building and business owners, want to provide staff and customers with clean, hygienic bathrooms and a handwashing experience but want reliable sensor taps and bathroom accessories at a reasonable cost.
  • Staff and customers want clean and hygienic bathrooms and are willing to vote with their wallets as can be seen in this survey

Who Are We?

Our Warehouse and factory is based in Wollongong, just outside of Sydney (NSW). In addition to customer service, our priorities are to assemble, perform quality checks (QC), and ship products to customers and distributors.

We're also big on relationships and R&D. We love working closely with designers, architects, and installers to improve and add new products to our range.