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Don't depreciate your otherwise brilliant design by skimping on manual taps. Even the presence of a manual tap turns customers' off in commercial bathrooms.

Are you an Architect, Designer or Fitout specialist, who

  • Wants happy clients who compliment and refer your services?
  • Considers Health implications (Covid etc)?
  • Prefers environmentally friendly solutions?
  • Works on projects in the commercial space? (especially in Healthcare and Medical)?

Our Sensor Taps comply with Australian Standards, have been independently tested to 50,000 cycles (also factory tested to 200,000 cycles) and come with a 5 year Warranty.


touch free hygienic tapware


In October 2021, we commisioned a survey (via Google) and It turns out:



  • A high proportion considered the bathroom in the top 2-3 areas when considering cleanliness and hygiene (1,002 respondents)
  • 86% felt that a touch-free tap would give them more confidence of hygiene in a Doctor or Dentist bathroom (679 respondents)
  • More than 61% felt a touch-free handwashing experience would encourage more/better handwashing (581 respondents)
  • 45% were "Likely" or "Extremely Likely" to consider changing their healthcare provider if the cleanliness or hygiene of their bathroom was unsatisfactory (721 respondents)


Sensor tap for Doctor or Dentist bathroom



Architect specified sensor taps



Sensor Tap in healthcare














Our touch free hygienic tapware are designed for public and commercial bathrooms. We are seeing increased demand from the healthchare industry (hospitals, Medical practices, Doctors surgeries and veterinary practices)


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